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Saveurs du Val d'Aoste
The “Saveurs du Val d’Aoste” label identifies shops where you can buy local food and wine — with guarantee of quality and origin — and restaurants where you can try traditional recipes in an authentic atmosphere.Besides, you can find the "Saveurs du Val d’Aoste" label in holiday farms, bars, alpine huts and hotels that serve breakfasts including local products.
The “Saveurs du Val d’Aoste” label — which depicts the traditional cup of friendship — is granted by the regional Tourism and Agricultural Councils. It guarantees that customers receive quality products and expert services.

Slow Holiday
Perfumes, tastes and colours of Valle d’Aosta, that leave unforgettable sensations in the memory.

The facilities recommended by VIVA adhere to a charter of eco-sustainable specifications; they are committed to respecting the criteria of proper resource management, waste disposal, use of low environmental-impact materials, use of renewable sources of energy, careful attention to the buildings’ energy efficiency, the promotion of sustainable principles and of the region’s specificity.

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